Thursday, July 17, 2008

The grossest day ever!

So there is a first time for everything, and yesterday was the first time our 2 year old puked in our car (truck actually). We went to school to pick up a few tables for my scrapbooking room at the house. We had dinner and A ate nothing, and if you know her that is saying a lot. My kid is normally a pig. So Rob and I were wondering if she was feeling ok, but she seemed fine. On the way home we got to Plainfield and Jupiter when Rob looks back and Ana is puking everywhere! She puked four times before she was done. We pulled into Speedway and spent 45 minutes decontaminating the truck and our girl. Once she was clean I put her in the front passenger seat to help Rob clean the truck and soon we realized A was being really quiet, there was a reason for that...she had blue sunscreen all over her face, hands, clothes, and the seat of the truck! So we had to go and clean that up as well as A. So yesterday was a little less than fun, but it was a first. Hope your summer is a little less gross than ours!


Brienne said...

omg, you didnt tell me about the sunscreen. That is hilarious!

Sara_Jayne said...

Um, so I had no idea you had a blogspot! I don't pay very good attention, apparently...sorry. I like it though! And that is the grossest day ever, except that little kid throw up is slightly less gross than normal person throw up, just because the person it issues from is way cuter.
Way to be a great mom!

Megan said...

Yuck! That is a gross day! But I agree with Sara, at least it comes from a cute little package. Hope you are having a great summer, Amy - despite... you know... throw up! :)