Sunday, June 8, 2008

Schools Out for Summer

Friday was our last day of school. We had a great Mexican Fiesta to celebrate the retirement of a wonderful teacher, who will be missed. As of two p.m. we were free. Brienne, Neil, Raene, and Ruby came over for dinner and fun. We had such a great time! We played Catch Phrase and all I have to say about that is : it's the sky the solar... that thing a guy has (you should have guessed the penal system)! Let's just say that there was plenty of laughter going around that night (it also helped that I had a few glasses of wine). Then Saturday we went to Festival for a little while (we just missed the rain) and then went over to our friend's Curt and Teresa's. We sat out on the deck and drank, talked, and laughed. What great times. This is what I call summer!

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