Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cleaning the Old House

Yesterday Rob, dad, and I all went to the old house to clean things up. Oh my goodness, it was such a mess. The entire living room is now full of garage sale items that need to be priced and put on a table for the garage sale. It is crazy that only a week and a half ago we lived there. Now it seems so tiny (not that it didn't seem tiny while we were living there). It is so wierd to be living in a house that is three times the size of our old one. It blows my mind that we lived in the old house for almost six years. We had some good times there, but now it is time to move on with our lives. Oh and by the way, does anyone want to buy a house?


Raene Aleta said...

yay! You have a blog now! I can't wait to see the new house!

Raene Aleta said...

Ha! I didnt know this would come up with Raene's name on it.

- Brienne